Day 0 – 顺利抵达崇仁一中



Day 0 – 4/19 – 4/20 Travel (by Jackie Zhou)

4/19:  All families arrived on time and no one forgot their passport!  A little chaotic at the self-checkin place as Delta seems to want everyone to do self check-in.  After taking group pictures and saying farewells, we headed toward the security check and gate.

Flight from Boston to Detroit was delayed a bit but the spirit was high among the kids.  The kids had such a fun time while awaiting to board, playing card games, sharing food, reading books and even studying for AP! The boys took the opportunity to pose creatively for the camera just to show the parents that are having a lot of fun.   Michael showed up in each of the group pictures for the girls (photo bomb?)  Finally we boarded the plane at 9:50am.  We were lucky to be able to switch seats so everyone is sitting together.  Time to share the food again as everyone seemed hungry.  Isabella’s grages, Ryan’s beef jerky and Yukun’s M&Ms were a big hit.  Now we just had to sit tight until we get to Detroit.  The flight was a little bumpy but the sky was really blue with pure white clouds floating beneath the plane.

It worked out fine in the end as we had more than 30 minutes to run to the connecting flight in Detroit.  We used a divide and conquer strategy to get the kids boarded while getting them some food with Peter taking care of buying food and Jackie taking the kids going through boarding.  We were all sitting together on this flight also.  The flight was long but made short by the big selection of movies, non-stop food and beverage supplies and nice conversations with each other.  Most of us got some sleep during the flight.  Yukun however stayed awake the entire flight.  We all envied his energy.

Everyone was smooth going through customs and connecting to the domestic flight to Nanchang.  We took group pictures at the immigration & customs without knowing cameras were not allowed.  Glad we didn’t get into trouble but just got a verbal warning by the security guard.  Hewww!  We enjoyed some rest time with ice scream at the terminal in Beijing.  The flight to Nanchang was uneventful.  When we landed in Nanchang, we saw the six representatives sent by YiZhong waiting for us at the exit.  The bus ride to YiZhong was about 2 and half hours.

We arrived at YiZhong at last!  It was just before midnight.  More school officials waited for us at the school to welcome our arrival.  We were led to the dorm rooms where everything we need were prepared for us.


Below is the picture of the team at Logan Airport Saturday morning 4/19/2014.



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