AP Chinese Language and Culture/九年级中文强化班

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AP Chinese Language and Culture
I. Introduction
AP Chinese Language and Culture prepares student for the New Advanced Placement
examination in language and culture and for a fourth semester college course in Chinese.
Students hone their language skills across three communicative modes (interpersonal,
interpretive, and presentational), and five goal areas (communication, cultures, connections,
comparisons, and communities), developing knowledge in pronunciation, vocabulary, idiomatic
expressions, grammatical structures, and written characters. In addition to textbooks, students
make use of authentic materials, including newspapers, fiction and nonfiction texts, poetry, and
Time: The AP Chinese course meets once a week: 80-minute session (12:30-1:50)
II. Objectives
The goals for AP Chinese are to enable the students to acquire intermediate language proficiency
in Chinese. By the end of the academic year, the students are expected to:
 Comprehend spoken Chinese in a variety of personal, social and cultural contexts
(e.g., personal information, family, friends, school, and leisure activities).
 Understand and interpret a broad range of nontechnical written Chinese texts that
pertain to daily life.
 Write and speak in a variety of discourse styles, using Chinese language including
vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and grammatical structures. More »