Intermediate Belt Tests

We have three belt tests each semester to ensure that students are practicing and progressing.  

Intermediate class requirements for each belt are listed here!

First Semester

Green Belt:
1. G Scale
2. Staccato/legato rhythm
3. 4th finger study
4. Twinkle, Twinkle combo

Blue Belt:
1. Two Octave G Major Scale
2. Name the sharps
3. Name me the notes
4. Lullaby

Purple Belt:
1. Two Octave A Major Scale
2. Name the flats
3. Make 3 notes sharp and 3 notes flat
4. Alouette

Second Semester

Brown Belt:
1. E Major Scale
2. Warm Up #52
3. What are enharmonic notes?
4. Pop! Goes the Weasel

Red Belt:
1. C Major Scale
2. Warm up #64
3. Sharp key signatures
4. Playing Soccer

Black Belt:
1. Two Octave A minor scale
2. Warm up #68
3. Flat key signatures
4. Home on the Range

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