Welcome to Class! (Ant & Rocket Song Lyrics)

A reminder of classroom numbers, expectations, and song lyrics for Beginning Violin.

Yesterday some classes ran smooth while others were bumpy, but we all made it through and have started our violin adventures for the school year!

My classroom numbers are 116 from 12:15pm to 1:45pm, and 203 for the rest of the school day.

We may have new faces in our classroom next week as students finish registering for class, and I expect everyone to be welcome and understanding as I get everyone prepared for success. Group classes always cater to the well being of the group. For individual attention, private lessons are needed.

I also expect everyone to be on time, and practicing assigned material at home! Please partner up with other parents for lesson materials should you be late or miss a class, and for practice ideas.

Below are two songs for Beginning Violin to practice at home:

Ant Song

Each, Each, Each (pluck E string 3X)
each and every
Ant, Ant, Ant, (pluck A string 3X)
digging in the
Dirt, Dirt, Dirt, (pluck D string 3X)
underneath the
Ground, Ground, Ground (pluck G string 3X)

Rocket Song

Up like a rocket, and down like the rain.
Back and forth like a choo choo train.
Round and round like the great big sun
Touch your head!
Check your pinky, and check your thumb!

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