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Class Name Math 5
Course Name Pre-Algebra
Suggested to the students in public school Grade 5
Course Length 1 year
Pre-requisite Complete NCLS Math 4
Reference Textbook and Workbook
Singapore Math, Primary Math Workbook 6A, 6B U.S. EDITION


Develop understanding of mathematical concepts:
• Numerical
• Geometrical
• Statistical
• Algebraic
Recognize spatial relationships in two and three dimensions
Recognize patterns and relationships in mathematics
Use common systems of units
Use mathematical language, symbols and diagrams to represent and communicate mathematical ideas
Perform operations with
• Whole numbers
• Fractions
• Decimals
Use geometrical instruments
Perform simple algebraic manipulation
Use calculators
Develop ability to perform mental calculation
Develop ability to perform estimation
Develop ability to check reasonableness of results
Present and interpret information in written, graphical, diagrammatic and tabular forms
Use mathematical concepts learnt to solve problems
Use appropriate heuristics to solve problems
Apply mathematics to everyday life problems
Think logically and derive conclusions deductively
Develop an inquiring mind through investigative activities
Enjoy learning mathematics through a variety of activities

Final score: 10% Classroom Attendance 30% Homework 20% Quiz 40% Final Exam

Course Content

Term 1:
Chapter 1:Ratio

– Ratio and Fraction; Radio and Proportion, Changing Ratio
Chapter 2:Percentage

– Part of a Whole as a Percentage, One Quantity as a Percentage of Another, Solving Percentage Problems by Unitary Method
Chapter 3:Algebra

– Algebra Expressions
Chapter 4:Speed

– Speed and Average Speed
Chapter 5:Solid Figures

– Drawing Solid Figures, Nets

Term 2:
Fractions – Division, Order of Operations, Word problems
Circles – Radius and Diameter, Circumference, Area
Graphs – Pie Chart
Volume – Solving Problems
Triangles and 4-sided Figures – Finding Unknown Angles
* More Challenging Word Problems

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